Highlight asm code script by Wojciech Mula

This script can by freely use and copy. So you are not allowed to sell one.


CSS classes

There are several classes defined in asm_code.css file:

Of course you can modify these styles. My taste is so ugly. :)



generate highlighted code
init preprocessing of code from text-box; the result is showing in popup window;
fast way to delete all code (of course it don't touch any of popuped window).


generate HTML code
output as HTML code - that form may be easiest to grab;
remove comments
erases all comments
remove multiple blank lines
the continous set of blank lines is compressed into one blank line; I recomended to enablethis option with remove comments
As you probably noticed there is possible to change case of letters in instructions, registes names and numbers. When numbers are forced to uppercase then in hexadecimal numbers post- or prefixes are always in lowercase.


Yes, I know - my english is very, very, ... very bad.
However I hope that my hard work will be useful for You.

With best regards
Wojciech Mula